Vote Dammit! Is it possible to care about LGBT Asylum Seekers and not vote?

Vote Dammit

Written by: Max Niedzwiecki, Louisiana Voter Is it possible to care about LGBT asylum seekers and skip voting in this election? I’m talking about people who are eligible to vote in the November 8th US election, of course. If you are not registered to vote yet, do it NOW. In some states, your … Continue reading

Asylees and Asylum Seekers Now Eligible: Upwardly Global Job Services

Upwardly Global Logo

Upwardly Global expands their program to include asylees and asylum seekers looking to get into the job market. LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network is proud to announce that after months of working together with Upwardly Global, an organization that links experienced professionals with the best companies, Upwardly Global services are … Continue reading

One Year On: LGBT-FAN looks back on the launch of Better Together NYC

by Greyson C. Brooks, LGBT-FAN National Coordinator, Co-Founder and lead of Better Together NYC, and Anthropological NGO Consultant Brooklyn, NY – Last August, my colleague, Kent Klindera, and I were sitting at a beer garden in Brooklyn, debating whether or not professionals would be interested in meeting to combat the … Continue reading