Well being, Stress, and the Unexpected Challenges of Seeking Asylum

On 19 April 2017, LGBT-FAN hosted a public call entitled “Wellbeing, Stress, and the Unexpected Challenges of Seeking Asylum,” led by Jamila Hammami of QDEP, and Dr. S.N. Nyeck of Canterbury Christ Church University. (Scheduled speaker Dr. Yavar Moghimi of Whitman Walker was unfortunately unable to participate at the last … Continue reading

Pride Source: What Next? The Election, Asylum & LGBT Rights

The LGBT-FAN post-election conference call was featured in Pride Source’s article: What Next? The Election, Asylum & LGBT Rights. The article highlights the main points of the teleconference which was led by LGBT FAN committee member Siobhan McGuirk. The full audio and transcript of the conference call can be found here. Continue reading

What’s Next? LGBT Asylum Conference Call

On 29 November 2016, LGBT-FAN hosted a conference call on the possible implications of a Trump presidency for immigrant and LGBT rights, and other, related issues that could potentially impact our diverse community.   The conversation was led by Sharita Gruberg (Center for American Progress), Beni DeDieu Luzau (LGBTI Caucus … Continue reading


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