LGBT-FAN has started a charitable fund to help cover living expenses for LGBT asylum seekers in the U.S.

As an all-volunteer network, the vast majority of your donation will go directly to serving impacted asylum communities, with a small portion covering our minute overhead costs. The LGBT-FAN Fund is administered by the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), which has decades of experience in hosting charitable funds and charges only a 1% processing fee.  All donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions, and may be made via cheque or online.  Either way you donate, GNOF will send you documentation of your donation for your tax records, which will clarify that your donation is for the LGBT-FAN Fund.


How to donate online to The LGBT-FAN Fund:

  • Enter your details.
  • Write “LGBT-FAN” in the “Specify the Fund” box.

How to donate via mail-in cheque:

  • Write “LGBT-FAN Fund” on your cheque’s memo line.
  • When complete, mail your cheque to:

Allie Betts, Donor Relations Manager
Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF)
1055 St Charles Ave, Suite 100
New Orleans, LA 70130

Donating directly to LGBT-FAN:

If you wish to donate directly to LGBT-FAN to cover operational and advocacy expenses, such as our work on changing federal legislation to improve conditions for LGBTIQ asylum seekers and asylees, please visit the website of our fiscal sponsor, Alliance for Global Justice.  In the “Designate my donation to this organization” drop down menu, please make sure to select “LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network” to ensure your donation is processed.  Please know that donations to our fiscal sponsor make you eligible for LGBT-FAN membership and benefits, if you so chose.

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