The organizations listed below provide services to LGBTQ asylum seekers in Chicago. Note: This is not an exhaustive list. See also: Legal Resources.

Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Partners (CLASP)

New CLASP logoCLASP was established in early 2014, in partnership with the Broadway United Methodist Church, following the LGBT-FAN inaugural retreat. CLASP aims to provide direct living support and welcoming environments to asylum seekers, and works closely with the Center for Integrated and Courageous Living (CICLiv) to this end. The group works with local human service providers and is currently developing fund-raising and service provision strategies.

Click here to watch the CLASP launch event. // Click here to download flyer.

Center for Integration and Courageous Living (CICLVING)

center's logoCICLVING provides LGBTI asylees and immigrants from other cultures a welcoming home in the Chicago Area. Working in partnership with CLASP, and founded by LGBTI asylees, the group supports asylees and refugees as they walk to self-actualization away from self-negation. CICLVING offers referrals and direct services on needs including housing, basic amenities, education and career development support, and pyscho-social care. Contact: