Justice Campaigns

A wide range of organizations are working to bring attention to a wide range of issues which affect LGBT asylum seekers either directly, or indirectly. These include LGBT-rights campaigns as well as immigration reform projects. See links below for more information.

DetentionImmigration Detention

Detention Watch are doing great work bringing attention to the experiences of immigrants in detention; the power and influence of private detention corporations, and the pernicious  “Bed Quota.”

The National Immigrant Justice Center is pushing for an investigation into the abuses of LGBTI immigrants in detention; the American Civil Liberties Union has also made this a major campaign issue.

Filing DeadlineOne Year Filing Deadline

The NIJC is also pushing for reform of the “one year filing deadline” for asylum seekers, which discriminates against those who are not aware of asylum, or able to pursue a claim within 12 months of arriving in the U.S.

ProhibtedEmployment Authorization

This is a major issue for all asylum seekers: They are not legally able to work until 180 days after filing a claim. The American Immigration Council’s Legal Action Center has fought for improvements to this system in the past, and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

Human Rights Watch have published a detailed report on the need for prompt work authorization for asylum seekers.

Imm ReformImmigration Reform

The Immigration Policy Center is pursuing a number of legal cases and policy initiatives towards positive immigration reform. They have useful fact files on their site, including this guide to Senate Bill S. 744.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are focused on reform that takes account of LGBT immigrants needs in particular.

LicensePolicies to Support Undocumented People

A number of states have recently instituted laws which help undocumented people to get by without unwarranted attention or persecution. These include access to driving licences and in-state tuition. Find out how you can change policy in your state through the National Immigration Legal Center.

Gay GlobeInternational Issues

Both O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da and 76 Crimes provide up to date news on international LGBT rights issues.

The UK-based website LGBT Asylum News focuses on international news and policy change, as it impacts LGBT asylum seekers specifically.