Jane, from Uganda


The editors of “Rolling Stone” newspaper have stoked anti-gay sentiment in Uganda over recent years.

My name is Jane. I am from Uganda and am a lesbian. My family tried to have me marry, but I resisted. I decided to have a baby so that I could have a “cover.”  Plus, I always dreamed of motherhood and couldn’t figure how that would happen with a woman. I met what I thought was a suitable man. I got pregnant. Then, he began to beat me and sell me for sex. I was kept locked up. He would bring multiple men to me daily during my pregnancy.  I had the baby; it was a girl. I had two weeks off before he began to sell me for sex again.  I tried to run, he caught me and brought me back.  When I ran away again, I could not take my baby.

My story after that is very sad and long.

Finally, I got to America. I found the Task Force and could not believe that a minister said that being gay was God’s gift. I now have friends and others who have gone through what I have gone through. I don’t have asylum yet, but I can see hope and with hope, I will continue to fight for my freedom.

When I am safe and can speak, I will advocate for all the children of Uganda who are starving for food, starving for hope and starving just to be accepted for who they were created to be. Until then, I hope that you can advocate on our behalf! Thank you to America.

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